Cricket Club Fun Day - MEG Cake Stall and Fun Dog Show, August 29th 2015

With huge extra help from last minute helpers, June, Yvette and Bev, MEG ran a very successful Cake Stall and Fun Dog show at the Livingston Cricket Club Fun Day.  Huge thanks also to all those who donated cakes and baking to sell on the day. Thanks to all who came along, bought cakes and entered dogs for the show.  Amazing day. We raised £364.60 today. Thanks to everyone who bought cakes & entered the dog show - a big thank-you from MEG.


RHS It's Your Neighbourhood report, August 2015

MEG are delighted to have been awarded another top rank "Outstanding" award for Campbridge Park and the Murieston Trail.  You can read the full report here.

Volunteer day, July 18th 2015

With the weather not in our favour for doing the planned painting of benches and signs, we still pressed ahead with other activities. Huge thanks to all who came along, despite the drizzle. We had a team of ten in total. We significantly improved the boardwalk by adding new support posts. We also nailed down somoe of the loose boards. We had helpers doing litter picks along the trail and around the pond, lopping low branches above the paths. We also ventured in to the water to collect logs, bottles cans and other litter out of the pond. The planned painting will be completed another day when the weather is more favourable!


Bandstand arson makes front page news in West Lothian Courier.  June 18th 2015.

Pond Cleanup.  May 23rd 2015.

MEG committee members were out again on a very sunny morning down at, and in, Campbridge Pond. We cleared out litter and logs from the pond itself. We also collected litter from around the pond and cleaned away leaves from the boardwalks and steps.

Toad Rescue! March 16th 2015

MEG and Lothian Amphibian and Reptile Group (LARG) were out with volunteers around Campbridge Pond and along Murieston Road this evening rescuing toads and newts that get stuck down drains and against kerbstones at this time of year as they move toward the pond.   Thanks to everyone who ventured out in the cold (and snow!) tonight. There were over a dozen of us which was fantastic. We found just a small selection of toads and palmate newts, that we rescued from drains and took to the safety of the pond, but it's likely to be later in the week when they really get on the move, as the weather warms up.  Check our Facebook Page and YouTube channel for photos and videos!



Livingston South Blue Green Network Press Release

Bellsquarry Woodland Work Group, Dedridge Environment Ecology Project and Murieston Environment Group, Central Scotland Green Network Trust (CSGNT), West Lothian Council (WLC) and Woodland Trust Scotland are pleased to announce that work has started on an exciting and ambitious new community project to improve open space in Livingston South for local people and wildlife.

The above community groups and organisations pooled their energy and enthusiasm to develop the ‘Livingston South Blue Green Network’ (LSBGN) project, which will deliver a wide range of environmental and path improvements in the Livingston South area.

The project includes the Dedridge Burn Greenway which stretches from Bellsquarry, through Bankton Mains Playing Fields to the River Almond; and the Murieston Water Greenway, an attractive wooded corridor stretching from the Campbridge Park to the Almondell and Calderwood Country Park.

The LSBGN aims to address issues such as path condition, flooding, water and environmental quality along two river corridors in the
Livingston South area.  The project will take 20 weeks to deliver starting with improvements to the path network on the
Murieston Trail, followed by Bankton Playing Fields and Bellsquarry Wood.

Executive councillor for the environment Tom Conn commented: “This is an ambitious community-led project which will provide
significant benefits to local communities and the environment.  The Livingston South Blue Green Network Project demonstrates what can be achieved through communities working in partnership and pulling resources for the greater good.  It is a fantastic project and I wish everyone involved every success in the future.”

A spokesperson for Murieston Environment Group (MEG) said: ““MEG’s committee can’t wait for the works to be undertaken by the LSBGN project. We have been involved planning this project since 2012 and it’s great to finally see all the hard work MEG and the rest of the community groups have put in finally coming to fruition. None of this could be possible without Central Scotland Green Network Trust and West Lothian Council. We would like to thank them for all their hard work and hope the communities within, and
surrounding the project area enjoy the improvement works.”

Dedridge Environment Ecology Project (DEEP) said: “DEEP is delighted to have received this funding and to be involved in these
promising projects. We have always hoped to link our woodland with others (by new planting) to form a wildlife corridor. This will allow for genetic and food chain advantages by the spreading of biodiversity over a wider area. We are of course always concerned about pollution in Dedridge burn from the industrial site at Brucefield!  The new wetland at Bellsquarry will be very helpful in reducing pollution risk. We are grateful to CSGNT and to West Lothian Council for their continued support of DEEP.”

CSGNT has invested a substantial amount of in-kind time developing and securing funding of £250,000 for the project and it will manage the delivery of the project on behalf of West Lothian Council and the LSBGN Steering Group. 

The work is funded by the Central Scotland Green Network Development Fund, West Lothian Council, Avondale Environmental and West Lothian Council through the Landfill Communities Fund administered by LandTrust. 

Improvements to the Murieston Trail include installing new drains and culverts and cleaning out existing drains to deal with poor drainage along the route, cutting back encroaching vegetation and improving path surfaces.  The work includes the removal and replacement of degraded steps opposite the band stand. Litter bins and benches will also be replaced. Work on the Trail has already commenced and the steps will be replaced at the beginning of January.

Improvements to the Dedgridge Greenway include a new wetland along the Dedridge Burn in Bellsquarry which is designed to reduce the impact of flooding and pollution downstream.  The path network in Bellsquarry Wood will also be upgraded with new, surfaced paths replacing the boardwalk through the wood.  This work is due to begin in February 2015.

Improvements will be made to Bankton Playing Fields to improve the area for people and wildlife. Starting in November, the woodland shelterbelts surrounding the park will be thinned to remove 50% of the tall poplar and willow trees which are now nearing the end of their lives.  The shelterbelts will then be under-planted with native trees to replace those removed.  In 2015, stands of woodland
will also be planted around the edges of the existing shelterbelts to provide future shelter and structure as well as creating a more attractive habitat for  wildlife.  Litter bins and benches will also be replaced.

It will be necessary to close affected paths throughout the area while work is taking place but route diversions will be in place.

BIG Planting Day. April 13th 2014

After several weeks of planning, the day started very early for MEG committee members with tool shifting, plant shifting, putting up banners and the fateful gazebo before volunteers arrived to do the planting.  We initially split in to three groups, each taking a prepared set of plants and a marginal bed to plant up, with the hardiest volunteers taking on the biggest and softest muddiest bed.  The planting proceeded apace and was completed amazingly soon, so we quickly moved on to other tasks: Flattening out the deep ruts at the field entrance, caused by machinery used for last years tree removal.  Repairing the paths yet again, including recent damage unfortunately caused by the equipment used for pumping down of the pond.  Litter picking around the pond and Camp bridge itself.  Preparing compressed ground around the main boardwalk ready for seed planting.  And then some very significant Rhododron bashing along Murieston Trail.  But we did manage to squeeze in lunch.  Not in a gazebo. A windy disaster had felled our trusty gazebo and it rendered it a write-off, but as the weather had mostly managed to remain at a drizzle at most, the barbecues were fired up and we enjoyed burgers, cakes, cup cakes and various drinks.  Enormous thanks to all those who came, and to name just a few groups who helped - Lothians Conservation Volunteers, Livingston Round Table, West Lothian Scout group,  Thanks to Joyce, Shari and Jen for preparing and serving up the food.

Tree Planting. March 22nd 2014

MEG were donated 420 trees by the Woodland Trust. The group planted a new hedge along one of the park boundaries and added some more trees to the area that was left when the old boardwalk was removed next to Murieston water. This will create great habitat for the animals that use the greenway. Thanks to 9th West Lothian Scouts (Saturday troop) for all your help. We could not have done it without you !!!  Thanks to everyone else that turned up too and thanks to Joyce for the drinks and lovely cakes!

Toad Watch. March 19th 2014

MEG were out rescuing the toads from being squished by cars and falling down the drains. Keep an eye out for them as they are on the move -- they get stuck on the kerbs and end up falling down the drains.  Video below (not great -- was really dark!)

Bankton Mains & Campbridge Park, Murieston Water from 400ft.  March 11th 2014

Noon on Tuesday saw MEG members conducting a flight (!) around Bankton Mains Park and Campbridge Park / Murieston Water! Credit to Jonathan and River Forth Fisheries Trust for the quadcopter.  Check out the video below and see the local area from a whole new angle.

Path repair, step repair and litter pick, February 15th 2014

Snow on the ground greeted MEG members and volunteers as we gathered for the first event of 2014, but despite this, and the continuing drizzle, work got underway at 10am as planned.  The superb carved bench that was created and donated by Lanarkshire Hardwoods last year had become surrounded by mud, so we decided to dig out the mud and fill in with donated path material, to create tidy and easy access to the bench.  Huge thanks to those that shovelled and barrowed a large amount in to this area - how much better it looks now!   Whilst this was being completed, others completed a litter pick around the pond area.  Some puddles along the paths were also filled in, and extra material added in to the steps down to the boardwalk.   Tired, cold and soggy, we tidied up and headed off for drinks and Joyce's legendary cakes!   Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter feed for more photos and details of our next events!


More maintenance around Campbridge Park, November 16th 2013

On a thankfully dry Saturday morning, we headed down to the park and in to the pond again to do some more tidying.  First to be attacked was the ugly tree on the island - it put up a fair fight but Ian and Jonathan eventually won.  As the trunk was removed, a frog hopped out from beneath - always good to see wildlife around.  With further cutting back of tall plants on the island, and removal of larger branches, the island work was done.   At the same time, Kim, Joyce and Garry lopped branches, moved logs and cleared rubbish from around the pond.  Tea break!  Joyce's fine baking was once again enjoyed by all.  Then back to measure up the new marginal beds and remove a few more logs and tidy around the main boardwalk - the area's now looking much improved and ready for a rest over winter.   The contractors still have a little more to complete, with anti-slip strips on the boardwalks, and further path work.  We'll be back next year to plant up marginal beds and keep improving the area.


Path maintenance, Pond cleaning, October 6th 2013

With work continuing at the pond thanks to various contractors, MEG and volunteers convened today to perform some repairs to the paths around the pond, and clear out some junk from within the pond itself.  Thanks to Bennie Contracts for supplying and delivering path material to various places along the path - A team of 6 of us had the paths improved in no time, specifically targetting the areas which tend to get soggy. We'll know how well we faired when the rains return!   After some cake + coffee, courtesy Joyce (even in her absence!) we then headed in to the pond itself. Very difficult wading through a foot-deep or more of sludge and gunk, we rescued a 'trasure chest' (turned out to be a bin, alas) and then found all manner of other junk and rubbish in the pond, including a spade, one welly, many bits of fishing tackle and even a whole rod and reel, many beer cans and bottles, and then, around the island, three traffic barriers - very strange!  The rain tried to dampen our mood, but no fear - job done and well satisfied. Huge thanks to all those who came and gave up a chunk of their Sunday to help us!


Serious pond weed clearance day - with a boat!  August 31st 2013

Another Saturday morning (and the rest) at Campbridge Pond. This time, we'd called a favour and had the loan of a boat, the "Durham Survivor" no less.  Thanks to Graham Bennie for the kind loan, and to Doc for arranging transport to and from the pond.  We also managed to borrow a 10m seine net to help haul in the duckweed. Without issue, the boat was 'launched' off the side of the boardwalk and Jonathan and Kim set off on their adventure. With the net trailed at one end from the boat, and lugged by Ian across the far side of the pond, the first haul of weed was collected and the difference to the water was immediately noticable.  Several more excursions in the same manner landed a good amount of weed.  Kim even ventured on to the island!  At the west side of the pond, we found it was shallow enough to wade out several meters to lift logs and other litter from the pond and we were also able to haul the nets around by just wading out.  The boat was used to drag the net around patches of lilypads we didn't want to get dragged around, and several skippers took their turn at the oars (some showing considerable skills).  We also took the opportunity to take the boat out to the deepest part of the pond and check the depth, and see what's down there using an underwater camera.  Whilst a fisherman that arrived during our activities didn't seem pleased we were there, we did actually accidentally net some small Perch, and several other interesting pond creatures - all returned safely to their home in the pond.  Tea and cake provided by Joyce provided a welcome break.  Then it was back in to the water to drag out more weed and logs.   We removed a very considerable amount of material from the pond today, but with everyone growing weary we finally called time on activites around 2.30pm!  The boat was quickly lifted out of the water and back on the trailer, net shaken clean and tools gathered.  Thank you enormously to all the volunteers who came along today, including several new faces - your help was hugely appreciated.  This work will continue this year while we can - it's going to be an ongoing task, but the back of the job is now truly broken and each further day will get easier.  Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for photos and videos from today, and news of further volunteer days!



Litter pick & Pond weed clearance, August 11th 2013

It was supposed to be just a 'quick' tidy up of the pond and park area -- with several volunteers, we started with a litter pick and collected a decent haul from around the pond and surrounding area (I swear Doc has eyes for finding junk that just nobody else ever could!). We started work on light restoration of the Park sign too, and added a planter of flowers beneath the new noticeboard (Kudos to Jonathan's dad for building it, and Kim for planting it up!).   Then, after splendid refreshments courtesy of Joyce, including marrow cake and amazing meringues, Jonathan took the brave step in to the pond to see about removing some of the logs that have been gathering in the water.  The pond has long been filled with weed, but we noticed that an area toward the east bank was clear, so gathered tools and set to work at the south/west side, pulling out weed in the hope that the clearer area would increase - and it worked!  With rakes, snow shovels and even a decorators pole to grab the floating junk and logs that were further in to the pond, we battled away through the rain for close to three hours, and shifted a very considerable amount of weed.  The rain eventually got the better of us, so there's more weed left to clear another day, but the difference is clear already (and so is the water!).  Thanks again to all who came to help today -- please join us again on August 31st @ 9.30am for another round of weed clearance.


More maintenance around Murieston Trail and Campbridge Park

 A sunny Saturday morning greeted volunteers arriving for another session of maintenance tasks in Murieston.  With wheelbarrows and shovels, more grit was hauled around and the paths repaired. This will make a big difference when walking around the area during the wetter months.  The repair work to the fence alongside the Murieston Trail was completed, tidying a corner were rhododentron was cleared and trees were planted at our volunteer days earlier in the year.  The gate, fence and woodwork around the entrance to the park from the carpark was cleaned down and treated and definitely looks more loved now.  Thanks to all who came to help, particularly to Joyce for special cake baking and supplies of welcome drinks!


Fundraising at the Fun Day

At the recent fun day at Livingston Cricket Club Murieston Environmental Group Members baked cakes and manned stalls to raise awareness of the group, to encourage participation and to raise funds for the current Campbridge Pond project.


MEG Poster Competition - Inveralmond Community High School

Joyce Morrison and Ian Jeffray from the Murieston Environmental group visited the Art Dept to congratulate and hand out certificates to First Year pupils who were successful in a recent logo competition.Joyce praised the efforts of the 4 classes which took part saying that the final decision had been difficult because of the high standard of work.

Leonie Fraser of 1S3 was awarded first place for her colourful logo displaying flowers and bees. A tree is to be planted in her honour in the woodlands around Campbridge Park in Murieston. Runner up was Kayleigh Spiers also of 1S3 with Jordan Yuill 1S3, Linzie Murray 1L1, Eilidh Brown 1L1 and David Hall 1S3 in equal third place.The posters the pupils designed showing their logo’s in situ are to be displayed around Livingston to drum up support for the Murieston Environmental Group.


Litter pick & Park maintenance, May 18th 2013

Good warm weather on Friday boded well for a busy Saturday in the Park, but then the MET office spoiled things with a yellow weather warning, which caused a downpour on Saturday.  Or something along those lines. Despite this, a hardy crew of MEG and volunteers including David & Sarah Adamson from the Edinburgh Natural History Society, collected an astonishing amount of litter from along the main Murieston Road and by the river, including an estimated 50 Buckfast bottles! Someone's clearly doing a roaring trade.  Also found and removed was a potentially dangerous 50ft length of fishing line stretched by the pond at shin height, along with a fishing lure and several hooks.  Thanks to all those who helped out.  More photos, as always, on MEG's Facebook page. Also started on the day, but not completed due to the downpour, was repair of the wire fence where rhododendron was removed earlier in the year.  We'll complete this job in the coming days.


Litter picking on Sunday 21st April 2013

It looked like the weather was once again going to defeat the planed MCC litter pick on Sunday, but after a damp start we were blessed with some sunshine.  The turnout was impressive, with many members of the community joined by West Lothian Council / NETS team and volunteers from McDonalds who all gave up their Sunday lunchtime to clean up Murieston.  Huge thanks to all! Keeping in touch The MEG Facebook page is most regularly updated with news from MEG members and also those in the community who put in their own additional effort and contribute news and photos.   We have also started a MEG Twitter Feed to announce news and events.  We have a good list of Friends on Facebook and followed accounts on Twitter, related to local and environmental issues.   Keep in touch!


Tree Planting - great success on 13th April 2013

With the weather on our side, the tree and wild flower planting went ahead successfully at the second attempt.   Huge thanks to all the volunteers who came to help, including a group from the Lloyds TSB banking group - your help was very much appreciated.  A group from West Lothian Council also planted trees and conducted a litter pick the day before.  We had so many trees provided that even some additional areas were planted, including around the large field behind the pond, and from the carpark gate.


Tree Planting Cancelled due to snow and sleet - Saturday 16th March 2013

Although all the volunteers turned up ready and raring to go. The weather beat the effort by deciding to snow. The event was cancelled in consultation with the Management Committee and volunteer. Our Project Manager, Jonathan Louis, explained that "the young saplings and wild plants need to be given a good start to survive and it proved to be too big a risk to them to plant in such cold conditions. We are hoping that the late wintery conditions will soon end and that our projects can resume with a pace".



Murieston Autumn Clean Up -  28th Oct 2012

Murieston Community Council is holding a clean up and litter pick of the Murieston area on the 28th October, and would like to invite local residents to join us in restoring the local area to its natural, litter free state. This is the third time that the local community has come together to help maintain this beautiful part of Livingston, and hopefully we can make it the best yet! To take part, come along to the Murieston Village Hall on the 28th from 11am-1pm. Refreshments will be provided at the end, and no equipment is required - West Lothian Council's Neighbourhood Environmental Team will be there to help, and will provide pickers and rubbish bags.


Jubilee Gala Day, Sunday, 3rd June 2012

Community Turns out for Jubilee and to Support MEG and LCC to raise funds

Residents from Murieston, Bankton, Bellsquarry and further afield came out in their hundreds to attend the MEGs first fundraising event. The event took months to plan and arrange but last minute nerves by the MEG team proved to be unecessary - the rain and wind disappeared and everyone had a ball.

Lucy, from the Lamond Vetinary Practice arrived, pen and clipboard in hand to judge the fun dog show; and what fun it was too. Just look at the proud owners and the  many admiring faces looking on.

Porsche of Edinburgh donated an amazing Porsche driving experience day, which raised £100 at a silent auction. Two beautiful jubilee themed cakes were donated by Truly Scruptious Designer Cakes & Pam Jefferson of Create a Cake.

We also had other fantastic raffle prizes donated by M & Ds Theme Park, Bannantynes, Lemon Tree Life flowers, Brucefield Farm, Zaikas indian restaurant, The New You, 5 Sisters Zoo tickets, Vue Cinema, JDFitness, a fruit basket from Mark Murphy, Mark Brown hairdressing voucher and many other gifts kindly donated by others .

Thanks also go to Bright Horizons who donated all the money they raised by doing face painting. We also had our girl guides make a donation to us by selling their cakes and fruit cocktails.

Lothian and Borders Police arrived to join in and definitely add to the fun by showing children and their families around their vehicle and equipment. L&B Fire Brigade also helped with the day by providing an appliance. The children very much enjoyed being part of the emergency services for the day.

The day took a lot of organising with months of work in advance by dedicated members of the community who give up their time for free to make things better and to build a sense of community in Murieston and the surrounding areas. Those people include: Jonathan Louis (MEG - built and desined MEG tent and info) and his family who could be found in the MEG Tent all day, Vicky Walker (Guides); Joyce Morrison (MEG, baking, serving, running about, leaflets) and Elise; Sian, Bill (designed and ran treasure hunt) and June Keddie (Community Council and MEG - too much work to mention); Davidson McQuarrie (Community Council and Videographer for the day); David Cooper (Community Council and Photographer); Jenny Anderson (Livingston Cricket Club); Kim Vance (Community Council and MEG - too much work to mention); Jamie Hay & Andrew Gordon (helped to build gazebos and stayed all day to help); Beverley Meek (arranged the dog show, delivered hundreds of leaflets and lots of other stuff); Chief Inspector Kevin Kerr (provided help on the day and valuable advice on licenses etc); Councillor Lawrence Fitzpatrick (helped to organise the leaflets and deliver a substantial number, some decorations and arranged the band from JYHS); Robb Halliday (photos on the day); the rest of the Community Council (and families) who delivered leaflets (total leaflets delivered by volunteers 2700).

The James Young High School Brass Band welcomed guests and visitors to the day with a some rousing and excellently performed music. There were so many positive comments about the band throughout the day. The young people were a very welcome addition to the day and we hope, very much, that they will join us at our next summer event.

Jubilee Gala Day - Sunday, 3rd June 2012

This Sunday sees the first fundraising event for MEG. We have joined forces with the Cricket Club. Please come along and spend the day in the park with your family and friends. The cricket club is on Murieston Valley and you can walk from Livingston South Train Station. There is also a bus, all the way to the Club from Livingston Bus Station - 406.

We need funds to continue, so your support would be greatly appreciated. During the survey that I did in February, one of the requests was for the return of a community gala. We have used the Jubilee as a reason to celebrate. A couple of people have said to me that they are not interested "in all that Royal stuff". That's ok, nobody will change your mind about that, it's just a party, with a bar, emergency vehicles, tombola, cake and fruit cocktail cafe, FUN DOG SHOW, treasure hunt for children, raffle, the MEG stand will be there so that you can see what we are doing and what we plan to do. The cricket club has also arranged lots of stuff for families to do.

You can bring a picnic blanket and eat your burgers, jubilee cakes and any other food on offer whilst enjoying the sunshine and party atmosphere. One family is bring a table, some chairs and are celebrating a birthday - that's a great idea!

Did I say that there's a silent auction? Want to know what the top item is? A Porsche experience day! Interested now?


Saturday, 19th May 2012

We asked Residents and users of the park to help us to finish the path and they did not disappoint. Twenty-nine volunteers from 5 year old Callum and his dad, Terry from Dedridge to Alec Hendry aged 81 came and helped us to wheelbarrow the remaining several tonnes of top-trek along the 300m path. An array of tools and implements were used to forward the project and even parts of the path that were not planned to be finished were finally given a top-coat of new surface material. A fantastic community effort by all involved. Joyce Morrison and daughter Elise spent the morning cooking up a veritable feast of vegetable soup, pancakes, fairy cakes, fruit cake, real hot chocolate and even came backwards and forwards with hot kettles for tea and coffee. June Keddie (MEG Treasurer and wheelbarrower extrodinaire) brought chocolate brownies by popular request, a regular now at these events.


The 9th Livingston Scouts have been ever-present at these events turned out again and helped to shovel the large pile into the wheelbarrows and to rake it into place. The boys and several girls where cheerful and enthusiastic throughout and where rightly, very pleased with their efforts. We will be seeing a lot more of the Scouts as this project progresses.

Kim Vance, Chair of MEG, said,  "We were delighted to see so many people attend and work very hard for the good of their community. There was a real buzz on the day and everyone was very excited to see the path finally being completed".

Joyce and Elise were so impressed with the spirit that they picked up shovels when the food had been served.

It was especially nice to see the return of two young men (Jamie and Andrew) from James Young High School come to the event after being recruited for the litter pick earlier in the month. They were not only very hard workers but they said that they enjoyed being part of the project.


Sunday, 22nd April 2012

Wow! What a turn out for the 2nd Murieston Litter Pick (Murieston Spring Clean). A total of 57 residents and friends of Murieston gave put their heart and soul into restoring the local area to its natural, litter free state. A big thank you to the Livingston Cricket Club who provided free accommodation for the event and supplied some staff, Graeme Morrice, MP for the lovely donated cake, Meta Matthews for the scrummy home-made cakes, Audrey Campion for supplying biscuits and chocolates, Betty Owenson, Irene Mustard and Gillian Jack for making the delicious sandwiches and for cleaning up after the event. A special thank you to Lawrence Fitzpatrick and Davidson McQuarrie who are in the middle of election campaigning for taking the time to spend the morning litter picking - it's much appreciated both of you.

The result was the removal of the following from the Murieston Environment, which will only be of benefit to wildlife and water quality in the area:
  • 110 full rubbish bags
  • 1 Asda trolley
  • 2 Gas Canisters
  • 1 garden seat
  • 4 cones
  • 1 Pedal bin
  • 1 Scooter
  • 1 Car Wheel and Tyre

Saturday, 31st March 2012

A third day of path restoration was attended by nine friends of MEG. With fewer than normal volunteers we felt the pain this time - it's a very long path from the car park of Campbridge Pond to the far end of the top path. We also had fewer wheelbarrows and so three of us where employed with digging out some of the path towards the "fisherman's" boardwalk.  The rest of the group diligently ferried barrowloads of 'Top-Trek' grey aggregate along the path and raked it out.

If you are wondering why it's taking so long, it is because it all has to be done by hand so as not to destroy what is already there. We are lucky to have found some good quality type 1 hardcore beneath the old wood chippings. If we had used a mechanical digger we could have dug up and damaged the sub-surface and also the side bunding - which is made up of quite fragile wood. For the same reason, the aggegate has to be barrowed along and not replaced using a mini-dumper. So, as you can see, it's all labour intensive.

It is worth it though, it is starting to look very good and the result will be a more accessible path.

If you support what we are doing, please show us by coming along on Saturday , 19th May 2012 at 9am. You can stay for an hour or more but we will all finish at 1pm. All help is very gratefully received. The more people who come along, the quicker that we can finish and get on with oranising fund raising events (which we need apply for funding).

Also, you can show your support by leaving us a quote on the visitor's page, helping us with the Jubilee Gala Day at the Cricket Club (please come and support us at the Gala Day anyway) or by donating some money (not just yet as we are waiting for a charity number).

Check out this week's West Lothian Courier for photos and info about the work so far.


Path restoration, 24th March 2012

The second part of the path restoration took place on 24th March. The 9th Livingston Scouts came out again in force with some members of the Murieston Community. It was hard work but everyone is very excited with the results, so far. We have to come back again, this Saturday to, hopefully complete the aggregate.

A group of young people who are very friendly when approached and who promise to take their rubbish wtih them have, for a second time, burned the jetty by setting a fire upon it and also left all their cans in the pond. Our strategy is to keep on with our plan and to keep talking in the hope that the environmental message will excite all sections of the community.

The positive thing is that young people enjoy the pond, fishing and being in the outdoors where they are not disturbed. We plan to engage with all sections of the community and to encourage responsibility and an awareness of environmental issues caused by litter and fires that are lit in the wrong place. Any young people who are interested in joiing the group are encouraged to contact us via the email address on the home page, or via the guest form - we'd love to hear your ideas about what you would like to see at Campbridge Pond.


The first event took place on Saturday 10th March 2012 - 9am - 1pm.

The 9th Livingston Scouts, two Scout Leaders and some members of MEG and the Community Counciil came along to help dig out the old, rotten bark from the top path. This will improve accessibility and reduce the amount of mud on the path. When visitors are able to walk on the new path, the sides will have a chance to recover and grow again.

It was very hard work but the boys and girls took on the work with much enthusiasm and by the end of the morning, a full 100 metres of pathway had been stripped back to the hardcore. They were keen not to stop for too long for breaks and showed a wonderful work ethic. If Scotland wants responsible citizens and confident individuals for the future, these young people demonstrated those qualities in abundance.

They will be awarded their 'Community' badges as a result of completing this work.

June Keddie of MEG made some lovely cakes for the children (and the adults) to enjoy, which were very much appreciated. Kim Vance picked up four bags of litter from around the pond and a suitcase and bucket.

June, Kim and some of the older boys helped to removed some of the larger logs that have been dumped in the pond.

West Lothian Council asked Greame Bennie to drop off some road scalpings - about 50 tonnes. Thanks to a fantastic donation from WLC and the free delivery from Graeme Bennie of Bennie Contracts (Bathgate), we will soon be able to back-fill the path with the scalpings to make a fairly solid path.

The second event will take part at 9am - 1pm on Saturday 24th March. Now that the children of Murieston have led the way, MEG is now asking for as many members of the community as possible to come out with their spades, shovels, rakes, hoes, wheelbarrows, wellies and gloves and help us to complete the whole task of removing the remaining 200 metres of bark and back-filling it with the road scalpings. More events will take place, over the coming months, including one that don't involve work, so please watch this space and come and help wherever you can.

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